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Do’s and don’ts for fall Picture Day

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Schools across the country are preparing for school pictures. Are you ready?

This thought likely conjures a mix of emotions, from excitement to shyness in your child. You want that ideal image to capture just who they are in that special moment in time, but it also should be an enjoyable experience for your child where they can feel proud of who they are.

To help guide your family through the Picture Day journey, consider these do's and don'ts of school pictures from the experts at Lifetouch:

Do's of school pictures

Do prepare ahead of time: Picture Day is not something to approach with a last-minute mindset. If you're not sure when your K-12 Picture Day is, start by easily looking it up with the "Find My Picture Day" tool from Lifetouch. With a few basic pieces of information, you'll learn the Picture Day date so you can update calendars and start selecting clothing and planning haircuts. While you're at it, don't forget to preorder online at!

Do wear comfortable clothing: Consider that adorable new sweater made from 100% wool. It looks great on your kid, but unfortunately it gets hot and itchy after a few hours of wear. That can unintentionally make your child look red and uncomfortable in their photographs. Remember, it's important to choose the right outfit for Picture Day, keeping comfort top of mind.

Do reserve outfits for Picture Day: Congrats! You and your child agree on an outfit for Picture Day. Now, it's best to avoid wearing those pieces until the big day. It can be tempting to wear them beforehand, but that can result in unintended rips, stains or snags. Set the outfit aside and make sure it's hung and pressed for a fresh look in front of the camera. Afterward, wear that look whenever!

Do get a good night's rest: No matter if it's preschool or Senior Pictures, have your child go to bed at a reasonable time before Picture Day. It's called beauty rest, after all! A full night's sleep will help your child feel great and look fresh for pictures, plus it will help keep the crabby attitude away if they tend to get a little ornery when tired (which applies just as much to pre-K as it does high-schoolers, right?!).

Do have fun: You may feel pangs of nostalgia on Picture Day, both in remembering your own experiences with school pictures (recall those bangs?!) as well as thinking about how fast your baby has grown (feels like just yesterday they were falling asleep in your arms). Remember, Picture Day is a time to celebrate and have fun! It's a wonderful way to document your child's appearance so you remember this time for many years to come.

Don'ts of school pictures

Don't pack messy snacks or lunches: While a small school will likely schedule pictures for the morning, a larger school will have students coming and going throughout the day. Because you may not be sure when your child's picture will be taken, be cautious of what you pack for snacks and lunches on Picture Day. Avoid foods that can drip, smear or otherwise be messy to hopefully keep clothes and faces tidy.

Don't stress yourself out (or your kids): It's easy for the excitement of Picture Day to morph into anxiety if you put too much pressure on getting things perfect. Try not to worry about the results and stress your kids out. It's best to relax and embrace the day as a way to document your child at this special age. That can mean embracing that cowlick and missing tooth, because years from now you'll want to remember that anyway.

Don't over practice smiles: Fresh is best when it comes to smiles. Having your child practice their grin too much can cause them to have a more forced look on Picture Day. Lifetouch photographers are experts at getting kids to smile, striving for that natural smile you love so much. So don't worry about practicing saying cheese, because they are in good hands.

Don't wear big logos or graphics: Your child should be the star of the picture, however, if they wear a shirt with a massive logo and busy graphic, it can be quite distracting. When someone sees your kid's picture, you want them to look at their face, not have their eye drawn to the big design on the shirt. However, one thing not to worry about is shoes! Lifetouch only photographs three-quarters up, so no need to buy new kicks. 

Don't be too humble: When it comes to school pictures, it's OK to brag a little. In addition to filling your frames, post school pictures on social media so friends can see your adorable mini-mes! Use your Shutterfly account to share your kids' Lifetouch school pictures quickly and easily. Don't forget to add a social tag like #lifetouch or #lifetouchschoolpicture.

By following these simple do's and don'ts, your Picture Day will go without a hitch. Your kids will have a blast and you'll love the photography.