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Easy outfit inspiration for Picture Day

Picture Day outfit ideas from Lifetouch

As Picture Day approaches, there is one question on everyone's minds: What to wear?

You want just the right outfit for your child to look their best, but they may want a completely different style.

You look through the closet with quiet hope ... and come out empty-handed. You rush to the nearest department store, but fail to find anything inspiring. You start to panic as the day grows closer.

You can stop worrying because this guide for Picture Day outfits will provide inspiration on finding the right look for your child's school picture:

Beautiful basics: There's really no need to go over the top. Your child is the star of the picture, so a solid blouse or collared shirt will always be a classic that photographs well and stands the test of time. You might even select a shirt in their favorite color to represent who they are at that exact age.

Lovely layers: Add dimension to a photograph by blending different textures through tasteful layering. For example, layer a plaid shirt with a denim jacket, add a satin cardigan to a velvet dress, enhance a standard white button-up with a scarf. Test out different looks ahead of time to find just the right one that wows.

Amazing accessories: Is your child not fully loving the outfit? Sell it with accessories. Not only can accessories enhance a photograph by adding visual interest, but they also add touches of personality. Let your child select a matching headband, fun bow, brightly-colored suspenders or another enhancement so the outfit feels like their own.

Embrace individuality: Glasses or no glasses? It's important to include the things that make your child one of a kind, including those spectacular spectacles. In fact, embrace all the things that make your child unique — so stop worrying about that crazy cowlick or the missing teeth because those are what you'll come to love the most about pictures year after year.

Fabulous looks: Remember, some Picture Day poses might be three-quarter length, so you want to keep the full style in mind when selecting an outfit. Solid-colored pants or skirts that coordinate with the top are great. Proper-fitting clothes always look best, so this is not the time to size up.

Outfit inspiration: Sometimes you're simply stumped. This is especially true with teenagers and older kids who are trying to embrace their individuality. A good bonding activity that provides Picture Day outfit inspiration is to flip through magazines or go online and pull styles that you both like. Then you can try to recreate those looks yourself at home or head to the store for a little shopping fun.

These smart tips eliminate outfit dilemmas so you and your child can smile proudly and get the perfect image on Picture Day.