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July 30, 2019
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Amazing background options: Something for everyone

Lifetouch Photography image featuring one male subject with glasses on three different photography backgrounds.

When it comes to school pictures, your child is always the star of the image. But to really make this year's picture one of a kind, consider the different backgrounds that really help it stand out.

Of course there's the classic Lifetouch blue you know and love, but your options don't end there. Thanks to digital technology, your child's image can be placed with a number of different backgrounds so you can choose which you like best! Select a special theme to go with your desk at work or your home office. Pick just the right look for a gift for grandma, or even let your child choose their favorite background.

You don't have to limit yourself to one choice, either. Depending on your order and package details, you can select different backgrounds so you can mix and match to get just what you want for yourself, friends and family. With five background categories to choose from, there's something for everyone, including traditional head-and-shoulder cropping or three-quarter positions that impress.

(From left to right: School Year, School Days, Special Edition, Outdoor, and Studio)

School Year Looks

School pictures are the opportunity to mark a milestone in your child's life. You are capturing this moment so you can preserve the memories for a lifetime. One special way to enhance this important photograph is to choose from the School Year backgrounds. Options include a variety of designs that highlight the school year, grade specifics and combinations of both so that your child's achievement is highlighted in a thoughtful way.

School Day Looks

Your child is poised to learn so much this year at school and make many great memories in the process. The School Day background collection celebrates this journey, offering a variety of options inspired by the school setting. You'll find many eye-catching options that make your child look like they are in a school library or classroom. Thoughtful details include flags, bookshelves and more for a school picture unlike any other.

Special Edition Looks

Creative background layovers provide a unique way to provide distinctive designs to your student's photograph. There are multiple options that note the year so you always know the date when these precious pictures were taken. The Special Edition background collection features options that you may never have seen before. You can add sparkling lights, or use special techniques such as a close-up superimposed on a profile to create a one-of-a-kind portrait.

Outdoor Looks

Pictures that feature the beauty of the outdoors are stunning, but the threat of rain, wind and other elements can make these images difficult to capture. That's the great thing about the Outdoor Background collection; you get the beauty of Mother Nature without the weather delays! From breathtaking birch forests to colorful autumn landscapes to snow-dusted evergreens and beyond, discover nature in all its beauty with these backgrounds.

Studio Looks

Classic Background styles are popular because they stand the test of time. Whether it's Lifetouch blue or contemporary takes on traditional background hues, these options are always a winning choice that enhance any child's look while complementing the space where you may display them. Maybe you prefer a softer blue with hints of gray, or, multi-tone neutrals that really make your child's image pop.

Choose from a huge variety of backgrounds when you order your Lifetouch images. Enjoy exploring and finding the best ones for you!