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Thank a teacher with 6 great gift ideas

Holiday teacher appreciation gift

By the time holiday break rolls around, teachers have their hands full with rambunctious kids excited for upcoming celebrations and days off school. It's important to show your teachers you care all year long, but especially around this time of year.

Any gift is appreciated no matter how big or small because teachers know you took the time to do something special for them. No matter what you choose to give, create custom gift tags featuring your child's Lifetouch Picture Day image for a unique touch that shows you care.

Need inspiration for an awesome holiday gift? Consider these fun ideas to show thanks to your favorite educators:

Sunshine basket: Your teacher is a ray of sunshine for students, so consider gifting a themed "sunshine basket" to throw a little love their way. Fill it with yellow supplies such as pencils, lemon disinfectant wipes, happy face stickers, lemonade mix and other yellow-colored treats. Add a note that says "You are my sunshine" and you'll make any teacher smile.

Great growing-themed gifts: Your teachers help students grow in so many ways! Using "growth" as a theme can help you create a great gift. Consider a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant or a colorful gift bag of bulbs with a note that says "Thank you for helping us grow!" as a sweet way to show you care. Mid-year supply drive: At the start of the year teachers are flooded with supplies from families who have freshly filled classroom supply lists. By the middle of the year, those supplies have dwindled. Show teachers you appreciate their hard work and want to help out by organizing a supply drive where people can drop off school supplies to help out the staff.

Notes of appreciation: A teacher's main goal is to positively impact students and help make their world a little brighter. When students show how they have felt a teacher's impact, it's incredibly meaningful. For younger students, this could be a drawing of the teacher and a small note about why they are special. Older students can focus on writing more in depth about what they've learned and how the teacher has made a difference for them.

Gift cards: Teachers agree that gift cards are a great way to show appreciation. Is the teacher always drinking coffee? A gift card to a local coffee house is a great idea. Does he or she have a hobby, such as knitting? A gift card to a nearby craft store will help replenish supplies. When in doubt, an Amazon or Target gift card is always welcome.

Smart cookie tray: Baked goods are a part of holiday traditions for so many people, so while you're whipping up some tasty treats, double the batch and bring some in for your teacher. A tray of cookies and other goodies are wonderful ways to show you care. Add a cute note that says "Thank you for making me one smart cookie" and you're sure to make a lasting impression.