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5 fantastic DIY photography crafts for winter break

Image of boy's school picture next to DIY photography craft

The last school bell of the year rings, kids young and old jump for joy, and winter break officially begins. There are family gatherings, celebrations of all shapes and sizes, and plentiful time to spend bonding together while creating lasting memories.

After the holiday hubbub is over, you might be looking for some fun, affordable ways to fill the time before school starts again. Consider letting your kids stretch their creativity and artistic side through photography inspired crafts that use your favorite images!

Here are five craft ideas using photography to help inspire you during winter break and beyond:

Picture blocks

Whether you make, upcycle or purchase blank blocks at a craft store, you can use these as the foundation for a cool craft when you adhere school photography and other images to the outside face of the block. Choose just one side to add a photograph or all sides, depending on your preference. These fun picture blocks can be used for a variety of things, whether it's a meaningful toy for younger kids that features the images of loved ones, or a decor item stacked on the office desk or artfully displayed in a clear vase. The also make a wonderful gift for loved ones!

Collage art

Classic collage is a fun way to get creative for any age child. Bring out the paper, magazines, old books, stickers and a variety of school pictures and other photography and let kids have fun making a collage that represents their personality. You can do this on a large sheet of paper or use a canvas for a sturdier option that's easy to hang in rooms. Teens in particular enjoy showing their individuality and might want to add their friends' school pictures into the mix as well as their own!

Bottle cap magnets

It's easy and fun to transform recycled bottle caps into cute magnets with photography, letters and other artistic embellishments. Clean out bottle caps and collect smaller photographs and other images you might find in magazines. Use a quarter to mark a circle around faces and the center of other subjects; then cut out and adhere to the inside of bottle caps. Once dry, glue a magnet to the opposite side and then you can place your creations on whatever metal surface you choose. This also makes a fun keepsake and great gift!

Photography bookmarks

Whether it's for personal use or to give to someone special, making a bookmark and adding images of your children is useful and adorable, not to mention encourages reading! Purchase blank bookmarks at your local craft store or make your own at home and then add photography such as school pictures. You could even make a family bookmark that features the images of all the children and give to the grandparents as a special gift while everyone is in town!