Lifetouch declares National School Picture Day
Lifetouch Declares National School Picture Day
September 12, 2019
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September 20, 2019

Easy and awesome hairstyles for Picture Day

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School pictures are a wonderful keepsake that marks the milestone of each year. An authentic smile is the main component of great school photography, but one thing that can really enhance a photograph and highlight the face is your child's hairstyle.

That doesn't mean you need to spend all morning on a complicated hairstyle! In fact, when it comes to styles for your child, it's best to go with something simple that they genuinely like. When kids look good and are comfortable, they feel free to be their best selves in front of the camera.

Be inspired with these awesome ideas for Picture Day hairstyles:

Down and natural

Your child's natural hair might be their best look, plus what better way to represent who they are in that specific moment in time than letting their hair be just as it is? You can choose a freshly trimmed look by planning haircuts a few days prior to Picture Day, or let it grow in a bit by planning cuts several weeks out. A nice combing and a touch of hairspray, gel or pomade can help tame fly-aways.

Perfect parts

How the hair is parted may seem like a small detail, but can make a big impact in how your child looks in their picture. For girls, a middle part is a clean look, but for many people it is too symmetrical for their tastes. Try experimenting with a side part roughly above the eye to complement your child's face. For boys in particular, a side part can add a bit of sophistication to a standard, short haircut. For girls with long hair, consider pulling hair back on the non-part side in a barrette or with a few rhinestone-studded bobby pins to show off that glowing face a little more.

Half up, half down

While ponytails and buns are popular hairdos, they aren't always the greatest for pictures because when your child faces forward to the camera, you can't see much of the hairstyle at all. A nice look that complements all ages is when you pull the top half of the hair up and into a binder and leave the remainder down to fall naturally on the shoulders. This ensures strands don't get into the face, but also shows off a bit of the hair, which gives you a little of everything in the photograph.

Bows and headbands

No matter what type of hair your child has on Picture Day, accessories can add a touch of style that enhances the image. Girls in particular have so many extras to choose from. Headbands are always a good choice because they pull the hair away from the face while also adding a touch of personality. Whether it's plentiful sequins or a basic black headband, options are endless. Bows are another option, which look particularly cute on younger girls. Add in dainty satin bows at the bottom of her pigtails or let her rock that oversized rainbow bow that she loves so much. (It is the perfect representation of who she is at this age, after all!)


If you want a way to elevate a girls' hairstyle for picture day without going overboard, consider simply curling the ends of her locks. It dresses up her look just a touch and makes Picture Day feel special. It's also a versatile hairstyle that matches anything she wears, whether she is going fancy with a dress or opting for a new sweater in her favorite color. Remember to set those curls with a spritz of hairspray to encourage hold throughout the day as you never know exactly when her class is scheduled for school pictures.

Now that you have some ideas for Picture Day hairstyles, it's time to move on to the outfit. Check out Easy outfit inspiration for Picture Day and you'll be ready with an overall look that you both will love!