Lifetouch is using data to create a picture of school openings across the country.

As school districts are planning education delivery services that meet the needs of their community; our top priority has remained the same: to provide a safe Picture Day experience so we can continue to deliver student images for school operations and milestone photography for the communities they serve. To ensure our team can execute on this priority, we have taken our machine learning foundation and applied additional data from third-party sources to establish planning factors that illustrate confirmed and tentative school picture dates.

We have pulled the data sources together and created visualizations and custom heat maps that provide a picture of the country and actionable planning indicators to help us:

- Optimize our photography resources so we are ready when you are ready
- Mobilize our team to ramp up for picture day events when communities are ready
- Prepare & visualize our schedules to find optimal ways to deliver our services in a dynamic environment
- Map district & school re-opening plans (Open, Hybrid, On Premises)
- Understand areas of the country currently most impacted by COVID-19 and visualize impact in various geographical areas
- Most importantly; deliver a better and safer experience for customers and employees

COVID Trends and School Opening Plans

Source(s): COVID Density:, Harvard Global Health Institute, WHO, USAFacts, OWID & Bing COVID Tracker

We will continue to update the data weekly.

Children never stop growing and we want to help families capture this special moment in time as soon as communities and schools are ready.