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Tips for planning the best Senior Photography Session ever

Being a high school senior is an exciting time. With one more year of school left, there are a lot of memories to make with friends while also figuring out the next steps of life. It's a time for young adults to embrace their individuality, learn more about who they are and determine their goals for what they want to become.

It's a memorable time for teens and parents, and one of the best ways to capture this milestone is through Senior Photography.

These pictures are used for graduation announcements, decor at grad parties, gifts for loved ones and, of course, proudly framed at home. They honor the importance of today and become cherished keepsakes that capture the momentous occasion for years to come.

Once you have a Senior Photography Session scheduled, you might wonder what to expect and how to prepare to get the best images possible. The experts at Prestige Photography by Lifetouch provide some tips and tricks for an amazing experience that results in incredible images parents and teens will love.

Plan ahead

Embrace a proactive attitude when it comes to Senior Pictures. When you plan ahead, you feel comfortable during your session and can truly be yourself. Keep in mind, Prestige Photography by Lifetouch sessions can include outfit changes, so you can present a variety of personal looks in your photographs. There are many facets to your personality, so let them shine bright in the clothing you select!

Check out the different types of sessions and choose the one that's right for you. Remember, different sessions include different options for posing, outfits, background and lighting. For example, the Ultimate session allows for four different outfit changes and up to seven backgrounds for plenty of options that reflect every part of who you are.

Select clothing

The Senior Photography Session can include a variety of pictures, including close-ups, full-length poses and everything in between. When putting together an outfit, remember to think about looks from head to toe. From hats and hair accessories to just the right shoes, you want wardrobe options that reflect who you are.

Check out your closet and start brainstorming which styles you want to highlight in your images. From sporty and preppy to casual and cool, you can make each image your own through clothing and accessories. Feature favorite pieces and supplement with shopping for some new items if necessary. Start planning several weeks ahead of time to make sure you have everything set for your session.

Have fun with color and experiment with layers that feature a variety of textures. This adds visual interest to the picture and gives you plenty of options. Your wardrobe helps to convey your entire personality. For example, you could wear your sports uniform; or a more casual outfit you might wear to a family holiday; or, get the most out of that suit or dress from the school dance.

Be inspired

Have you seen other senior pictures that you like? Maybe it's friends, family or even examples you've seen online? Maybe you have your own concepts you'd like to bring to life? Consider poses you like and props you can incorporate to really make the pictures your own. For instance, if you play an instrument, it can be a wonderful addition to an image.

Of course you don't have to feel pressure to know poses before the session. The professional photographers at Prestige Photography by Lifetouch will offer plenty of suggestions for helping you look your best and reveal your true self. Every senior is one-of-a-kind, and it's the photographer's goal to let that uniqueness be seen in all Senior Pictures.