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November 11, 2019
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The importance of building a Picture Day collection

Image of a picture day collection

Don't kids grow up so quickly? The pride you feel sending them off on their first day of school is unforgettable. Then in the blink of an eye, a lifetime of first days goes by and you're sending them off for their final year as a high school senior. This is why building a print and digital school picture collection is so meaningful. It's the ideal way to capture every milestone so they can be treasured forever.

From the outfits and accessories to the hair and smile, Picture Day is an important event. Every school picture celebrates the milestone of each grade while showcasing what makes the student one of a kind. Year after year, these photographs capture an authentic view of your child, showing their preschool and K-12 journey in high-quality images.

Picture Day collection: Parents' perspective

Being a parent is life's ultimate adventure. Your child is your pride and joy, and you love seeing them grow in their independence and personality year after year. School pictures capture this perfectly, which is why building a Picture Day collection is so important. Arguably, no other series of photography captures their growth better than Lifetouch school photographs.

When your child is grown, you'll be so grateful to have this priceless collection. Keep the prints in a safe place, such as a photo album or secure storage drawer. You'll definitely be pulling them out from time to time, including when you plan that special senior graduation party! And remember, each year you purchase an eligible package on, your child’s digital school picture will be delivered to your Shutterfly account and saved with Shutterfly’s unlimited free storage. That way you have a digital collection to go along with any prints you ordered.

Picture Day collection: Student benefits

Mom, Dad, grandparents and more all enjoy school pictures. However, students also benefit from this annual tradition. Picture Day allows them to showcase their best, expressing their personality through style choices and different looks. What they look like each year evolves just as their clothing preferences do, meaning this photograph shows just who they are, and that's something to be proud of.

Not only can school pictures be shared with friends that school year, it's fun to collect your images to see your own growth year after year. Your young student might not know it now, but that preschool and K-12 school photography collection you're developing is going to benefit them just as much as you. When they're grown they can look back and see how much they've changed. As they look to the future, it's important to see where they came from. A school picture collection helps capture that journey.

School pictures and the future

All those wonderful school pictures create a collection that parents and students enjoy, but just think of the benefits down the road. If your child decides to have children of their own, they will likely look back to see how their children's school pictures compare to their own.

The side-by-side comparisons of school photography are heartwarming, plus it's fun to show your own kids what you looked like during your school years. Whether it's realizing that your son has the exact same grin in kindergarten as you did or laughing with your senior about different styles that were popular back when you were the same age, it's fun to share the school picture experience together.

Having a complete K-12 collection allows you to do all this and more! Start your child's school photography collection now so you can both cherish these memories for a lifetime.