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Quick tips for a stress-free Picture Day

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Whether you have a kindergartner or senior, Picture Day is an exciting time for students of all ages. It also can be a little stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Parents can help their kids prepare for school pictures and get in a positive mindset so the day goes smoothly and the resulting images capture them exactly as they are in that moment in time.

Tip: Select clothing
Help your kids select an outfit that will photograph well and also represent who they are at that age. Comfort is key, and while some parents and children choose to dress up more than others on Picture Day, make sure whatever you choose is comfortable so it's not a distraction during the school day.

Tip: Prepare outfits
Set out outfits the night before so they are ready to go on the morning of Picture Day. Don't forget to set out any accessories that will be used to enhance the outfit, such as jewelry, bow ties or accessories.

Tip: Rest is best
Just like you don't feel like yourself after not getting enough rest, so do kids. The night before Picture Day make sure to follow routines and go to bed on time so children are well rested and ready to roll the following day so they can give their best smiles.

Tip: Eat up
Just like rest will help kids' best shine through in photographs, so will full bellies. You never know exactly when your child's class will have pictures at their school, so prepare a wholesome breakfast to keep distracting hunger pangs at bay.

Tip: Pack wise
Speaking of food, unless you are certain your child's pictures are before lunch, try to pack items that can't result in smears or smudges. You don't want your child to worry about getting messy during lunch break.

Tip: Set hairstyles
From windy days to races at recess, there are a lot of things that can alter a hairstyle that started out perfect while at home. To encourage hair to stay styled for pictures, use some gel or hairspray to keep it in place.

Tip: Get dressed last
To avoid any stains, messes, wrinkles and other things that can impact an outfit, get dressed as the last task before school. That way breakfast, teeth brushing and other to-do's with potential messes happen beforehand and not on that Picture Day outfit.

Tip: Prepare for weather
Picture Day typically happens in the first few months of school. For many locations throughout the country, autumn can bring rain. Check the forecast and  make sure kids wear rain jackets or bring an umbrella to keep hair and outfits fresh if rain is in store.

Tip: Positive attitude
When kids see their parents excited and positive about Picture Day, they are likely to follow suit. Relax and enjoy the day while you anticipate the resulting images that showcase your child's personality. Forget any pressure and just encourage kids to be themselves and have fun.

A stress-free Picture Day is simple with these tips. Click here for more advice on preparing for school pictures.