Smithsonian Recognizes Lifetouch Camera System

Throughout its history, Lifetouch has learned that standard professional cameras are, oftentimes, not up to the challenges of volume photography. Each year, Lifetouch makes significant investments to modify, update or build cameras that meet the company’s exacting specifications.

In February 2011, the Smithsonian Institute recognized the importance of Lifetouch-built cameras and accepted into its permanent collections at the National Museum of American History the Micro-Z and TruView camera systems. Museum officials said, “Lifetouch tells the story of the American family.” These systems captured millions of smiling faces over their combined 40-year history.

Currently, Lifetouch is investing in its next generation camera system. Deployed in schools across the United States, this camera is offering customers previously unimagined product variety from a single image.