Parents rate their satisfaction with Lifetouch yearbooks at over 95%!

Get just the yearbook you and your school are looking for. Our elementary yearbooks let you create a quality yearbook that lasts. Students and parents get a book that wows them with all the options they want. And all of this comes at a competitive price.

Top-Quality Yearbooks, Inside and Out

From cover to cover, we print and bind every yearbook to the highest standards. Your carefully designed pages are printed on quality paper and expertly bound at our top-class printing facility. Student portraits print in vibrant color, so every smile sparkles. The resulting yearbook is an enduring keepsake that families will treasure for decades to come.

Yearbook Options and Extras

Lifetouch yearbooks are not one size fits all. Students and parents can customize their yearbook with a variety of extras and enhancements.  

Personalized covers – Students can make the yearbook their very own with their picture and name on the cover. Foil options make the student name really stand out, and foil icons let students express their interests in activities like sports, theater, music and more.

Zoom, a current events review – “Remember when” for years to come with this news and cultural events review.

Autograph pages – Students can collect messages and best wishes from teachers, friends, and fellow students with these extra pages.

Yearbook Stickys – Removable stickers let students decorate yearbook pages and pictures of their friends, favorite teachers and more.

Easy Yearbook Distribution with Packaging Options

Lifetouch Yearbooks delivers pre-packaged yearbooks to your school labeled with each student’s name on the outside—saving you time on distribution day and ensuring that everyone gets the right yearbook package.

Get Pricing and See Samples

Parents tell us that Lifetouch yearbooks are a good value for the money they spend. We make sure our books provide excellent quality at a fair price. Contact a Lifetouch representative today to learn how you can get just the yearbook your school needs.

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