Do you have old family movies sitting on VHS tapes in a box somewhere in storage? Piles of vintage photos you’d love to convert to digital, print out, create photo products and frame? From photos, film and slides to Super 8 home movies, you likely have a lot of priceless memories you rarely get to see.

What’s more, today’s memories sit by the thousands in a jumbled mess on your phone or camera. If something happened to those devices, you’d lose them forever. Saving, organizing and backing up to the cloud can be time-consuming and expensive, so it’s often a task people put off.

Why leave decades of family memories behind or at risk of being destroyed? iMemories, a Lifetouch company, offers an easy solution. They can convert your older home movie films, camcorder videotapes, photos and slides into digital videos and photos, so you can view and share them instantly.

How fun would it be to show your kids a movie of you celebrating your first birthday and then be able to show a video of them celebrating this milestone? You can compare what each person looks like, how they look similar or different today, and what styles have changed over the years!

iMemories converts every format. Old slides? No problem. Damaged 8mm? You’re covered. Hundreds of prints? Easy-peasy.

How does it work? It’s simpler and more affordable than you think.

Step 1: Order a SafeShip kit and mail in your memories using the UPS pre-paid shipping label.

Step 2: Place in the SafeShip kit and mail via UPS.

Step 3: Download the iMemories app and wait as experts convert your memories by hand using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality results.

Once your memories are converted to digital, you can view, share and enjoy them on any device using the iMemories mobile app or on Share via email, text or Facebook and even make custom DVDs to share with family and friends. What better gift can you get than that?

Not only will your iMemories account safely hold your old memories, but it is the ideal place for new ones, too. No more having to remember which gadget has that fun video clip or iconic photo you’re looking for. The iMemories mobile app can automatically upload your family videos and photos from all your mobile devices to your account in the cloud, so no family memories get left behind.

Give yourself the peace of mind that your memories — both past and present — are available and backed up in full resolution in the cloud. Visit to learn more today.