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July 7, 2020
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August 21, 2020

Your Homework: Nominate Your Best Teacher to Win $5000!

Lifetouch Thank You Teachers Contest

Teachers: The Essential-ist of the Essential

Lifetouch has had a front-row seat to seeing what a positive learning environment can do for kids. Even one amazing teacher can change a life. Their impact goes far beyond what any of us can do alone.

This Year, They’ve Raised the Game.

We all know how much has changed at school. What we’re going through now is truly unprecedented. Leading the charge, teachers are having to “build the plane as they fly it,” as they say.

Seemingly overnight, they have had to completely reimagine how to educate our children, all while having to adjust to a new world.

And yet, through it all, every single day, they show us how it’s done. Their love, joy, and dedication to their craft truly knows no bounds—emanating in waves from their heart to our homes.

There Are So Many Heroes. Can You Help Us Choose Just One?

We’re asking you to nominate a special teacher who you believe is connecting with students in a way that provides hope, understanding, and a shining example of the best way forward.

Submit your entry between August 7 and August 21. Lifetouch will award the winning Teacher with a $5,000 cash prize and $1,000 Shutterfly gift card on September 10, also known as National School Picture Day!

From the bottom of our hearts, we offer our deepest gratitude to every single educator for leading the way for our kids—and us—through this unprecedented time.

Thank you, teachers!!!!

Our contest is now closed! Check back on National School Picture Day (Thursday, September 10) for a special winner's announcement.