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August 4, 2020
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August 21, 2020

Join us on September 10 for National School Picture Day!

Celebrate National School Picture Day with Lifetouch

What is National School Picture Day?

On September 10th, help us rewind the clock as we take a look back and celebrate school pictures from every generation on National School Picture Day!

We’ve been taking school pictures for over 80 years. We’ve seen the rise and fall (and rise) of lasers. We’ve seen big hair, bowl cuts, neon and flannel.

But across millions of photographs and hundreds of thousands of yearbooks, one thing hasn’t changed. Each photograph is unique and individual. The hair and smile, the outfit—all of it says something about who we, a friend, or a loved one were at that time. School pictures tell life’s story in a way that no other photograph can.

National School Picture Day, established by Lifetouch, is an opportunity to relive our school pictures. It’s a chance to bond over the fads and faces that make school pictures such wonderful artifacts. And, this year, we’re creating the ultimate yearbook.

Show us Your School Pictures, America

Building on 84 years of memories, Lifetouch is collecting, organizing and sharing a digital archive of School Picture Day in America. We’re calling it: “America’s Yearbook.” This will be a compilation of school pictures spanning across generations.

Enter to Win Free Pictures, Yearbooks, and Shutterfly School Supplies for your school

Enter the school of your choice for a chance to win the America’s Yearbook Sweepstakes. Just submit your favorite school picture! 5 Winning Schools Will Receive: FREE Lifetouch school pictures for every student, FREE Lifetouch Yearbooks for all, and FREE Shutterfly school supplies for—you guessed it—everyone!

All you have to do is:
1. Enter your school picture, along with the school of your choice, for their chance to win.
2. Submit your entry from September 1 until September 17.
3. Visit to enter.

Our sweepstakes is now closed. Check back October 5th for the big reveal!