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August 21, 2020
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September 22, 2020

Introducing America’s Yearbook: The Hair, The Styles, The Smiles

America's Yearbook

Welcome to National Yearbook Week!

We’re celebrating National Yearbook Week all week long: October 5 – 9. This year, National Yearbook Week celebrates our diversity in school across the United States. Bridging generations, our yearbooks, and the school pictures in them, show us just how much we have in common.

Introducing America’s Yearbook: A Blast from the Past 84 Years!

This year, for the first time ever, Lifetouch has pulled out all the stops to bring you a fun, digital display of school pictures – just in time to celebrate National Yearbook Week! This special week is all about celebrating the importance of school yearbooks, past and present, and what better way to do that than by showing off the best of the best? Digging deep into the archives (84 years deep) we’ve collected our favorite user-submitted images from America’s Yearbook Sweepstakes that feature the last 9 decades to bring you a Yearbook that takes you back—waaaaay back.

Together Forever

Thumb through the digital pages of America’s Yearbook and you’ll notice something interesting: We’re more together than you might remember. We all wore the same perfectly-normal-for-the-time but in retrospect perfectly hilarious outfits, showcasing our personalities. Looking at generations of students taking part in an annual rite of passage, all in that same, ready-for-our-close-up pose, it really puts a smile on people’s faces.

Why We Built an Opus to School Picture Day in America

First, a little background. It all started with National School Picture Day. Then, this year we added America’s Yearbook. A fun undertaking that had us calling for submissions, archiving and posting dozens of school pictures from the past 9 decades.

Our aim is for this yearbook, like all of our yearbooks, to bring us together over the shared memories of our academic glory days—the years that shaped who we are and helped us create memories that fill our hearts to this day. Nothing conjures up those all too fleeting years like school pictures.

And the Winners Are … !

Congratulations to the winners of America's Yearbook Sweepstakes! These five lucky participants are taking home the ultimate Lifetouch + Shutterfly prize pack for their entire school.

Alix Forte - Double Churches Elementary School: Columbus, GA
Amy Reith - Normandale Hills Elementary: Bloomington, MN
Jonah Kopriva - Sherwood High School: Creighton, MO
Lisa Darretta - Meeting Hill House School: New Fairfield, CT
Sebastian Singlar - Brecknock Elementary School: Mohnton, PA

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